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Libraries and one stop shops update — July 20, 2015

Libraries and one stop shops update

Update Pleased to say further to post below that there is some progress to report. The Policy Advisory Committee recommended something closer to Model A – which got most consultation support – in that there will now be further discussions with those who expressed interest. And the Cabinet has accepted that.

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Cornwall Council has now published its report on the libraries and one stop shops consultation. The summary of consultation responses indicates widespread support for local community involvement to sustain services and provide local community hubs, with over 200 responses highlighting community needs.

The full range of options as summarised in the report on the consultation is:

‘1 – (Model A); to progress the devolution of the local Library and/or One Stop Shop, to those organisations who have expressed an interest.

2 – (Model B); to formally tender for provision of the whole service under a separate organisation.

3 – (Model A + Hybrid), to augment the devolved provision with self-serve technology to further reduce costs.

4 – To define the Council’s ‘statutory offer’ criteria and deliver the service to meet the budget targets, keeping only the core service.’

But Cornwall Council’s preference for contracting out the services on a county wide basis – option B – is now recommended.

As the report goes to the Policy Advisory Committee and Cabinet later this month I hope Cornwall Council will be persuaded to think again.


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