Councillor Charlotte MacKenzie

Environment, economy, housing — June 14, 2015

Environment, economy, housing

As expected the Inspector’s report on Cornwall Council’s draft local plan confirms it is unsound on the economy. If the Council wishes to proceed with the plan they are expected to complete further work specifically on jobs and workforce expectations. This work is needed.

However as these economic projections remain to be done and have implications for the planned number as well as location of new homes the Inspector’s expectation that housing numbers will require an unspecified increase or ‘uplift’ may be premature.

Environmental sustainability is largely discussed in relation to the statutory agencies and technical requirements of the sustainability appraisal. That’s understandable in the planning policy and legal contexts. But those for whom Carrine Common SAC is a valued local open space (and the only one to be mentioned in the Inspector’s report) will feel they should have a say on its future alongside Natural England. And this is just one of many real examples in Cornwall where people feel their views are ignored and the natural environment is under threat.

If Cornwall Council proceeds they will need to consult on changes made. And then more hearings ‘will be required on some of the matters already covered as well as those not yet considered at hearings.’

In the interim the uncertainties make it more difficult to proceed with neighbourhood plans including that for Truro and Kenwyn.


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